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Omar Fuentes, Attorney

In addition to the wide variety of financial planning tools available at Brown Financial, clients also have access to expert legal advice. Though not an official part of the Brown Financial Team, Omar Fuentes-a licensed attorney, is available on site to provide clients with the legal advice, counseling, and representation necessary to achieve their goals.

A native Del Rioan, Omar is dedicated to assisting the citizens of his community and anyone who is need of legal counsel. Omar graduated from St. Edward’s University, obtaining a B.A. and B.B.A. in political science and accounting, respectively. After university, Omar obtained a law degree from the University of Missouri and then returned to Texas to pass the bar.

After obtaining a law license, Omar then clerked for a U.S. District Judge, and then opened up shop for himself. In January of 2017, Omar moved his practice to Brown Financial and has been a trusted friend and colleague ever since. He has represented thousands of clients and has ample experience in the court room and can provide legal counsel and representation in the areas of criminal and family law. However, Omar’s passion has, and always will be, estate planning and
elder law.

Specifically, Omar can provide legal advice on best how to minimize clients’ estate tax burden via various different estate planning tools and laws. He can assist clients by advising them of the most efficient legal mechanisms that allows them to distribute their estate to their loved ones with minimal governmental interference. Omar can also draft documents to satisfy client’s estate planning needs, including, but not limited to wills, trusts, enhanced life estate deeds, durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and much more.

The Brown’s financial acumen coupled with Omar’s legal expertise truly makes Brown Financial a one-stop shop for all your financial and estate planning needs.