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I Want To Start Building My Income Machine

When it comes to money, I hear these three questions all the time from people I talk with.

  • How do I Grow It?

  • How do I Preserve It?

  • How much income can I get from it?


On the Road of your Retirement Income Journey there are key risks that can come along and rob you of your peace of mind.

  • Longevity Risk-that you can outlive your income. Retirement journey can last 30, 40 years or longer.

  • Inflation Risk -that your income does not keep up with increasing prices.

  • Excess withdrawal Risk-that you take too much and deplete your assets too quickly.

  • Sequence of Return Risk -that you get caught in a down market in the beginning of retirement years and have to sell assets for income when the market is down.

  • Rising Tax Risk -that you will have less income in the future because of rising taxes.

Perpetual Retirement Income Machine (PRIM)

A Retirement Plan or what about a machine that cranks out income.
This is the Perpetual Retirement Income Machine, which we call PRIM for short.

We become Allies on Your Journey. A Reliable, trust-worthy go-to team who can answer any financial question you have or help you through any situation that may come by on your journey – a parent or spouse going into a nursing home, TRS options – how to decide which one to take, border partrol – how to take out money from TSP with penalty, funding grandchildren or children through college, decision to buy or lease a car, when to take 55, are Reverse mortgages good or bad.

I Want To Start Building My Income Machine