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EDIT-stock-photo-senior-couple-sitting-in-chairs-relaxing-on-beach-284234864Brown Financial was created for the express purpose of providing clients with an opportunity to effectively achieve their financial goals. In assisting clients toward their goals we are committed to the following convictions:

An educated investor is a better investor. Brown Financial will work diligently to educate investors in the area of free market investing. Brown Financial will provide regular educational workshops that are designed to increase your knowledge and keep you informed about financial markets.

Free Markets are efficient. Therefore, Free Market Portfolio Theory will be the basis for the management of client investment portfolios. We will refrain from making investment recommendations that involve variations of stock picking, market timing or any reliance upon past performance as a future guide.

Our clients’ success is our future. Because our livelihood is derived from helping you reach your dreams and goals we understand that it is vitally important that we treat you the same way that we want to treat ourselves.

Markets are random. From time to time economic news and global events will cause your investment account to lose value. During these times we will coach and educate you to help you stay on the right track. Although the media and financial firms will bombard us with recommendations, we will hold to our conviction that no one can consistently and reliably predict market movements.

Eldon D. Brown, CFP

Eldon D. Brown, CFP

President & CEO

Keeping up with the family tradition.

Eldon D Brown, CFP®, is founder and owner of Brown Financial. As a native Texan with a history rooted in business, his family has been in Del Rio and in business for over 30 years. As a family of entrepreneurs, Eldon’s father, mother, sister and himself have all started and managed several different businesses in Del Rio.

Eldon began his career in the financial services industry in 1994 with Edward Jones. In 1999, wanting to expand his knowledge base, keeping with his educational standards, and dedicated to keeping abreast of current trends, he earned his Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designation after traveling every other weekend to Houston for 12 months. After spending 7 years as a local Edward Jones representative and 2 years with Investment Professionals at The Bank and Trust, it was inevitable that Eldon with his entrepreneurial history, would go independent with his own financial business, LPL Financial. After 8 years, the exponential growth of LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the United States, began impeding the best service possible for his clients. Dedicated to the best for his clients, Eldon sought better support and the opportunity to work with Matson Money. These events led to the founding of Brown Financial – with an emphasis on Investment Coaching instead of product sales that is typical of many “Financial Planning” firms.

Keeping with his family tradition, his wife, Michelle, is also in the financial services business. She holds a PhD in Education and specializes in Retirement and Long Term Care Planning. Eldon is also the proud father of one daughter, Lauren and has a granddaughter, Parker Isabella.

At eighteen years old Eldon worked with his father at his Western Auto business where he gained an interest in the stock market. It is a passion that he and his father have shared ever since. With 17 years of experience behind him in the financial industry , the skills of his entrepreneurial history, and his passion of investing, Eldon shares his knowledge, passion, resourcefulness, dependability, determination, and responsibility with his clients.

Eldon is an avid cyclist and trains constantly for challenging races. He has discovered there are many similarities between cycling and finances. When it comes to planning for the future, he advises his clients toward planning the best routes to take before investing their money. He understands the opportunities as well as the dangers that lie behind hidden curves. Most of his clients are business owners, doctors, professionals and retirees. As a “personal financial coach,” he is there to consult with you on which road to take, help you make sound decisions at each stage of your life, and define your goals never sell or to steer you one way or the other.

Eldon is also a past Director of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce and member of the Del Rio Lions Club. He has served as a member of the Val Verde Regional Medical Center‘s board of trustees and on the board of Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center.

Investment advisory services offered through Brown Financial, a TX Registered Investment Advisor. Insurance products and services are offered by Eldon Brown. Brown Financial and Eldon Brown are affiliated.

Michelle Brown, PHD

Michelle R. Brown, Ph.D

Rather than thinking of herself as a financial advisor, Michelle Brown, Ph.D., likes to describe herself as a financial coach. “My goal is to help my clients come away with real knowledge of how to reach their financial goals,” she says. “They aren’t just walking away with a product they purchased; they have a partner who is going to give them the guidance, tools and support they need to get where they want to go.”

Michelle, known as the Texas Money Maven, has been helping clients make informed financial decisions since 2003. Specializing in retirement and long-term care planning, she works with clients step-by-step to personalize a comprehensive strategy for building and preserving life savings. She is owner and founder of Texas Money Maven, and a co-owner and an Investment Advisor Representative of Brown Financial Group.

Her expertise includes both federal programs, such as Thrift Savings Plan, and Texas-specific plans, including Teacher Retirement System. As an Investment Advisor Representative, who holds licenses in Life and Health Products and is Registered Series 65, Michelle is dedicated to helping accomplish her clients’ financial goals with the highest fiduciary responsibility.

Michelle uses her vast knowledge of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and VA pension strategies to help her clients make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes and to provide a more holistic-type retirement and long-term care planning. To this end, she has become a certified Medicaid Planner and an Accredited Claims Agent with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in business management and a doctorate in education, Michelle’s work with clients is a blend of two worlds-finance and education. “As a former teacher and counselor and a current member of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce Board, I feel an obligation to educate my clients rather than sell them on money management. It upsets me when people purchase a financial product and do not know what it is or how it fits into their financial needs,” she says. ”I’m not here to sell a product; I’m here to help them solve life’s money challenges. I want my clients to feel in control of their financial future.” By bringing clarity and her specialized knowledge to their financial issues and options. Michelle assists her clients in taking advantage of opportunities that will bring them closer to reaching their goals.

Her commitment to education includes her own dedication to getting the most up-to-date instruction and certifications. This helps her understand the complexities surrounding her clients’ particular retirement plans and the programs available to assist them after they retire and when they need long-term care.

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