Federal Benefit Planning

When it comes to retirement planning of federal employees, you cannot trust this to your good friend the insurance agent, or your friendly banker that you have been working with for 15 years, and not even your CPA or investment advisor.

You need someone who:

  • Has specific training on your federal benefits,

  • Has the experience of assisting other federal employees,

  • Stays up- to -date with the legislative and benefits changes.

It’s so important because most of the decisions you will make together with this advisor are irreversible and errors are very costly.

Now that there are fewer resources available to you through your Human Resources, we hear from so many individuals that they have no idea what to expect at retirement.

As benefit coordinators we get questions such as:

  • How much money will I get when I retire? Will it be enough?
  • What can I expect my High 3 to be at retirement?
  • Should I buy back my active duty military time?
  • Will I receive Social Security?
  • Am I investing enough in my Thrift Savings Plan?
  • Why is my Group Life Insurance Premium Increasing?
  • What is the Survival Spouse Benefit (SSB) and how much will it cost me?
  • What options do I have with my TSP when I am 59 ½ or older? (employed or retired)?

Brown Financial is dedicated to helping both Civil Service and Military employees understand their financial options amidst the constantly evolving rules and regulations, helping you get the most out of your benefits.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Eldon Brown, is a seasoned coach in federal employee benefits and can help guide you through coordinating your government benefits with financial planning.   He is independent of the Federal Government and acts as your Benefit and Financial Coach.

Why all federal employees need a coach:

  • To understand the benefits you have as a federal employee
  • Maximize every opportunity available to you
  • Integrate the other investments and insurance you have to complement and complete your retirement plan
  • Find the holes in your plan – is that FEGLI coverage enough, is it the right kind of insurance your family need? How long will your TSP last in your retirement?
  • To help you make decisions based on the numbers – to make the best  possible decisions you have to see the numbers and these numbers will change many times on your road to retirement.